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Website copy

Ticketmaster, TouchNote, Copper & Silk, Honey, Rip It Up Start Again

The copy on your website is like your handshake. Is it too aggressive or flimsy? Is it – horror of horrors – clammy and desperate? I’ll work with you to make sure that your site represents the best of your brand.


Blogging + article writing

LoveGunn, The Vale London, Honey Creative, TouchNote, Copper & Silk

Grappling with a need for engaging content on your website, but no time or talent to make it happen? I write one-off or bulk-order blog posts, articles and features on the subjects that your clients *gasp* actually want to read.



TouchNote, Rip It Up Start Again

Attention spans have dropped to only 8 seconds since 2000. If you want someone to watch your TV ad, product demo or showreel, you’ll need a great hook to keep them interested. That’s where I can help.

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App copy


In-app copy needs to cut straight to the point. There’s no room for waffle in UX/UI on a mobile scale, so I’ll keep copy to the essentials. With a little help, your app will be easy to navigate, with no compromise on personality.


Print copy

TouchNote, Honey Creative, Copper & Silk, White Cube

Brochures, direct mail, flyers, posters. In this digital age, don’t dismiss the analogue charm of the printed word. If you need a hard copy, I’ll supply you with creative copy (minus the terrible wordplay.)


Product descriptions

Copper & Silk, Quill Content, Marks & Spencer, Boden

I’ll inform your customers, but I’ll also give them a taste of the lifestyle that comes with buying from you. Get it right and you’ll be more to them than just bedlinen, or designer coffee or…you get the idea.


Editing + proofreading

Got a load of dry, jargon-heavy copy you’d like me to transform into scintillating, sales-driving text? I’ll trim what you don’t need and spruce up the good parts. Succinct, plain English is the name of the game.


Let’s have a chat…

Drop me an email so we can get to know each other and discuss your copy plans.
If you like where that goes, I’ll send you a plan and we can get to work.